Welcome to Virtual-Notary - a free and secure electronic notary service.

How does it work?

You select a factoid that you would like notarized. We check that factoid, create a record of it that you can refer to later, and issue you a cryptographically-signed certificate that attests to that factoid.

Use Cases

This blog post describes some of the use cases for Virtual Notary.

What would you like notarized?

  • Document


    Notarize a document
  • Web Page

    Web Page

    Notarize the HTML content of a web page
  • Twitter Feed

    Twitter Feed

    Notarize a twitter post anybody made
  • Stock Prices

    Stock Prices

    Notarize stock price information for public companies
  • Weather Conditions

    Weather Conditions

    Notarize current weather conditions
  • Exchange Rates

    Exchange Rates

    Notarize exchange rates for currencies worldwide
  • DNS Entry

    DNS Entry

    Notarize DNS information for a website
  • Email Address Verification

    Email Address Verification

    Notarize the ownership of an email address
  • University Affiliation

    University Affiliation

    Validate and notarize affiliation with institutions
  • Statement


    Notarize a free-form statement
  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Notarize the current real estate value of a specified property
  • Random Drawing

    Random Drawing

    Pick a random number
  • Bitcoin Address Ownership

    Bitcoin Address Ownership

    Notarize the ownership of a Bitcoin address
  • Bitcoin Proof of Funds

    Bitcoin Proof of Funds

    Verify the amount of Bitcoins available to a certain address