Is It Illegal to Buy or Sell Coupons in 2019 ?

You might have never heard about the ways people misuse the coupon.  Coupons help people to buy products at a discounted price and it’s offered by different businesses to promote the business.  Take a look at Couponobox to know about different types of coupons and deals available. However one should take care that they are not breaking the law by purchasing or selling coupon. Listed below are a few things you need to keep in mind while dealing with coupons.

Buying an item using a coupon that is not listed- For instance, if the coupon is for a 4 oz toothpaste, you cannot buy toothpaste with size 5 oz with that coupon. You need to buy the exact item or else it is considered similar to shoplifting.

Sell the coupons- You could buy the coupon from a legitimate coupon selling service which charges a nominal amount for the coupon but you cannot sell that coupon to another person after you buy them.  You are violating the non-transferability clause that is printed on all coupons.

Copy the coupons- It is not legal to make the duplicate copies of the coupons. As per law, it is considered as counterfeiting. You can get prosecuted.

Sell the stocks bought from coupons- The terms mentioned under the coupons prohibits you to resell the items bought using coupons. There are people who even set up the flea markets in order to sell the items bought using coupons at their house. It is illegal to do so. The purpose of giving out coupons is to help an individual save money and not to help you sell the items at profit.

Hence whenever you dealing with coupons, you need to ensure that you are not breaking any law. You should go through all the terms mentioned in the coupon clearly.…

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The 4 Reasons Why There Should Be A Free Medical Care

The widely recognized troubles in each nation are the therapeutic consideration for the general population. There are a ton of people who can’t manage the cost of the medical consideration they require because of the surprising expense of medicinal services. It is a concern that ought to be tended to. It is vital that everybody has the privilege of a therapeutic consideration in order to have a solid existence. Here are the reasons from wekratom why there ought to be a free medicinal service in a country.

  1. It is each individual’s right:

As a person, everybody ought to be qualified to be cared for when required. It ought not simply to be accessible for those individuals for whom medical care is affordable. Poor or wealthy, they are individuals and we ought to get medicinal help.

  1. Productivity:

There are a lot of people who oppose or reject when you ask them to go and consult a physician. It isn’t to avoid seeing one, but they lack the capability to afford to consult a doctor. One has to think an individual who is not well won’t have the capacity to go for work.

  • Preventive measures are advisable:

It is genuine as the general population who are enduring minor sickness will have the capacity to look for restorative consideration, we can anticipate intense illnesses that may emerge. However, we can spare a lot of lives since we will have the capacity to keep these illnesses.

  1. No Rivalry:

The rivalry for patients that goads medicinal services laborers to be better at their work and claims is no more. This indicates a decrease of those ready to go into the profession of health. You won’t have the capacity to pick the right specialist by checking their patient base and triumphs.

The free health service ought to be actualized in all countries as everybody ought to have the privilege to carry on with a sound life.

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How Technology Makes Fitness More Interactive

Technology never lets you alone.  It inspires you and makes you achieve your health goals.  Read on to know how technology makes fitness more interactive:

Apps which seek your data and guide:  Technology has given us all those fitness apps which sincerely collect our data related to foods consumed and fluids consumed.  They automatically generate data related to distance walked, the speed of jogging etc. and present you with details.  It helps with next steps in guiding to improve further.

Digital personal assistants which speak out the steps: Digital personal assistants respond to your health-related queries.  They instruct your workouts step by step.  They tell how to cook your healthy snack patiently.

Sites where you can get your health queries answered and post your feedbacks: When you refer you will be surprised to know so many health facts.  On the internet, you can see so many health tips, articles on dieting, exercise and full details about the latest health gadgets too.  You can get your queries answered and follow the right things and protect your body and mind.  You can post your feedbacks too.

Games which make your fitness as an interesting play:  Even those who are not so health conscious will be delighted to install those interactive health games.  Even a personal trainer will not be so helpful in motivating you in an entertaining way to do those workouts.

Watches which stay ever with you and be your personal trainer:  GPS watches tell you exactly how long you have to run, at what pace you have to jog etc. based on your unique details like body weight and height.  It is not something like teaching the same workouts the same way to all people.  Depending on your BMI each person needs different exercises.  These watches guide you based on what is needed for you.  That way the workouts become more effective and tend to make you more healthy.

It really makes the fitness initiatives more enjoyable when the modes of taking these are interactive.

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Is It Illegal To Buy Counterfeit? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Counterfeit items can be seen in many stores and many a time you happen to purchase them either without knowing that they are fake or just to get a designer tag for something cheap. The counterfeit industry is a huge one and with globalization, it is becoming more and more common.

The dangers of counterfeit products are many. This not just impacts the profits of the company. The defective and counterfeit products like electronics etc. can put the user’s lives to risk. There have been many cases when one has purchased a drug from a reputed store only to find out that it was fake after their health was at risk.

Counterfeit good is low-quality goods which are sold under the company brand name. This uses the trademark logo of the company. There is counterfeit good in almost all the industries but it is not illegal to buy one.

Buying counterfeit goods

It is not illegal to buy counterfeit goods. This does not include production and selling of such goods. Though it may not be illegal to buy it for personal use those who manufacture it are legally charged.

The counterfeit products harm the reputation of the company. It also introduces dangerous goods in the market. The counterfeit products weaken the heath and do not follow any safety regulations. It does not pay the adequate taxes as per law. The counterfeit products and the revenue from this market have been known to be associated with crime.

However, if you buy the counterfeit goods for your personal use then it may not be termed illegal. But you need to take care because the counterfeit products could put you in danger. You can learn more at luxtime about buying counterfeit goods. For personal use, it is best to stick to designer items only.

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8 Ethical and Legal Guidelines for Brokers

Traditionally, brokers are the primary source of consideration while thinking of making an investment. In fact, the brokers work with the main intention of earning profits in the form of commissions in this competitive field and the huge turnover occurs in the case of selling the risky products or properties than that at a lower risk. Further, in an attempt of vending such things, there can be issues related to unethical or confused dealings which might sour off the contacts with their customers. A broker should definitely avoid such tough selling tactics and be more like always approachable similar to the ones listed in the website

Here are the ethical and legal principles that a broker must follow for his existence in the industry.

  1. Clarify your customers’ doubt. If they inquire about the deals, just be kind enough to spell it off.
  2. Treat your client in a similar way if you were in their position of investing. Do not be dishonest or tricky while handling your customer.
  3. Hand-over to your customers the customized portfolio they ask for. Detail everything about your plan and the working progress that could impress your client.
  4. As a broker, you should be in a position to explicate the risky features associated with the product or the property in terms of the potential outcome.
  5. Know the pulse of the investing market. Discuss with your client the trending asset classes, their price characteristics and where to actually invest in if they are in a state of confusion.
  6. Make your client feel like they have opted for the right helper. Apparently, monitor their investments in a periodic manner.
  7. You should turn to be a good financial advisor for your investor. Demonstrate them about the basics of funding.
  8. Present your client with the particulars on reports and researches in a layman communication manner. Ensure if they understand what you really wanted to convey.

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Do I Need a Lawyer to Adopt? Everything You Need to Know

Adopting another person to your family is a major choice and you need to ensure you are doing the right thing. Lawyers like family lawyer Clarkston, who represents considerable authority in adoption procedures can provide you certainty in the whole procedure. In case you’re pondering enlisting a legal counselor for adoption, you might need to discover what to expect from an attorney.

What do they do?

An adoption legal counselor can encourage you in case you are attempting to attain legitimate guardianship of a youngster that isn’t yours biologically. A legal counselor can enable you to discover an office for adoption in case you require one, can stand for you in court if needn’t and file the required paperwork.

Do I need an Adoption Lawyer?

In case you’re uncertain on the proceedings for an adoption, a legal counselor for adoption is a decent place to start the procedure. The legal advisor will be educated on state-and nation particular laws on adoption and give direction dependent on your circumstance. They can set you up for any hearings that might be needed in the procedure.

Adoption Lawyer Charges

Numerous lawyers have level expense administrations for small issues. For mind-boggling issues such as conversing with an adoption organization or representing in court, the majority of them levy an hourly fee. Charges will differ contingent upon the multifaceted nature of your concern, so discuss a rate in advance to stay away from exorbitant astonishments.


You ought to hope to end the procedure with a youngster who is a lawful individual of the family. The whole procedure will take almost 5 years with additional waiting time, yet might consume lesser time contingent upon your case. A lawyer can steer you through it and possibly facilitate the procedure as he is aware of the paperwork required and who to converse regarding it.

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6 Life Events That Qualify You for Special Enrollment Period

The reason for this manage is to shield individuals from holding up until the point that they are wiped out or they presume they might be debilitated to buy medical coverage. Here are some of the widely recognized events in life and life changing quotes & sayings that certify you for an exceptional enlistment period.

  1. Quitting the job

In case you own an insurance policy at your workplace and losing or quitting your work, entitled you for a unique enlistment period.

In case you request for insurance via medical coverage center, remember that an adjustment in pay will enable you to get an endowment that shields the majority of the premium for the medical coverage.

  1. Getting Hitched

On getting hitched, you meet all requirements for an extraordinary enlistment period. There exist 60 days from the wedding day to get the medical coverage, differ to an alternate arrangement, or include your companion to the current arrangement.

  1. Getting a divorce

There exist 60 days to locate another arrangement amid your unique enlistment period. Your pay as a single individual might be lesser than earlier, hence you might be entitled to either a complete or lesser sponsorship for the medical coverage premiums.

  1. New wards

In case you have a new reliant you meet all the requirements for an extraordinary enlistment period. For instance, having an infant, fostering a kid, adopting a baby, or any other individual come to stay, there exists a 60-day timeframe to include that individual to your policy.

  1. Shifting

Shifting doesn’t really entitle you for a unique enlistment period. In case you shift a few miles apart and lack insurance coverage, it’s isn’t a live event. Anyways, the majority of the medical coverages are for a specific geographic region.

  1. Leaving detainment

Being released from a correctional facility or other detainment fits the bill for an extraordinary enlistment period, amid which you can buy medical coverage. As there exists numerous life alterations that fit the exceptional enlistment period, deliberately finishing coverage isn’t an event that qualifies.…

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The Legal Consequences of Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Statistics are grim:

There are so many cases of alcohol and drug abuse that the authorities are definitely a worried lot. The number of people who are driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated is increasing so much that there is a concerted effort to study the deterrent punishment that needs to be brought about in order to curb this menace.

For a brief period it seemed that the drunken driving cases were on the decline:

It was not due to any decrease in the abuse rather the increase in the standard of car safety made it seem like fewer fatalities were happening over a period of time.

Studies have shown that fatal accidents, which is the worst kind of effect of drunk driving or drug abuse may be on the decline but there is a considerable risk about youngsters falling a prey to such recreational drinking or substance use and then losing control over the amount of intake.

Here is a list of the legal consequences of having been found in an inebriated state or state of drug abuse:

  1. Losing freedom:

The person caught under such conditions can be jailed for a period of 48 hours or more.  Jail time for such an offense varies from state to state since it is a subject of State jurisdiction.

  1. Impounding of Car and license:

If the authorities have caught the driver in a second or third offense of the same nature, his car and license can be immediately impounded. He may have to engage an attorney to be able to help him with the formalities from there;

  1. Loss of job and the attached stigma:

People caught under drunk and substance abuse driving is known to consequently lose their job because organizations like to associate themselves with responsible employees. The financial implication of losing the job itself can lead to other social problems like homelessness and ostracisation from the society affecting their mental health in most cases.

  1. State-imposed rehabilitation:

The Court may impose compulsory rehabilitation as a corrective measure. The treatment may be costly but since it is a punitive measure the person has no other choice than to attend it.

There are also other legal consequences and for a detailed understanding of them all please visit

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10 Things to Know if You’re Falsely Accused of a Crime

No one ever wants to break the law! Well, at least not normal people who do not want to get to the wrong side of the law.

  1. 1. It can be impossible to fathom an arrest for a serious crime:

Most of the times when we are thinking of turning a blind eye to the law it is only when we are blaring our stereos beyond the allowed decibels or speeding on our cars beyond the legal limit; Also not recycling your wares.

  1. 2. While thinking of miring yourself or a close family member into the police custody with charges of a serious felony can be intimidating, it is important that you may want to have an arrest response game plan in mind just in case.

  1. 3. You may want to know why this game-plan is crucial at all? There is a big chance that when you are caught unaware you also panic and give away a lot of information that you may think is harmless but unwittingly so.

  1. The Police, however, are trained extensively in interrogation skills and may make note of everything that comes out of your mouth to use as an alibi for fixing you up for it.

  1. 5. Being calm in such a situation can make a big difference between a great outcome and alternatively to a life of unending expenses, grief and the loss of freedom!

  1. 6. You can get on to the official website, a trusted criminal law firm in Lansing that will give you an outline of what you must do if you are caught up in a situation like this!

  1. 7. Calling 911 can be a good idea. When you are the first to call the emergency, you give the presumption to the police that you honestly believe in your innocence and that you think that you are wrongly charged. You can dial them first before asking the police on the impending arrest also.

  1. 8. The Constitutional right to be silent is given to you by virtue of being a citizen of the country. The police cannot force you to answer them unless your requested attorney is by your side. It is best to evade questions and maintain that you will talk once our attorney is there. There is no point giving in to their pressures. Be firm.

  1. Ask for your attorney to be present. If you do not have an attorney, you can ask the State to provide you with one. Being represented by an attorney is your constitutional right and remembers to claim it.

  1. No search without warrants is a written rule. There is no rule on the face of this earth that can allow the police to search your home without any warrant specifically pointing to the crime that they are framing you with. So, be nonchalantly firm in not allowing them even inside even one step if they are not wielding a search warrant for you.

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Top Reasons Why Your Employees Could Sue You

When you are an owner of a business, size immaterial, the last thing that you want is a lawsuit on you in the personal capacity or on your establishment. The suit can cause damage at so many levels. It can shift your attention from the line of production and efficiency to constantly defending yourself and the company. And believe me, you that it is not the best place to be. The mental torture apart from the obvious physical nature is obvious.

The employees as a family!

Small and midsized business are managed mostly by proprietors or family units that over time treat their workers as a family in order to steer the organization towards a personal and financial goal that is good for both of them. It is a symbiotic relationship.

But sometimes, unfortunately, a disgruntled employee may end up either slyly or be felt slighted as someone who will report the organization for unfair treatment to its employees.

It is estimated that small and medium companies that are to say companies that have medium capital investment and less than 500 employees generally end up paying the exponential amount in legal fees, court fees and settlement charges that can create a dent in the company’s coffers and also belittle the company’s image in the market.

Here are the reasons why an employee may sue an employer:

  1. To seek revenge:

The possibilities are infinite. It could have been that the employee may have been slighted because he thinks that he blew the whistle on the employer and that is why he was treated badly. It could even be a misunderstanding.

  1. Termination of employment:

In case of not being satisfied with the employees work and ethics, the employer may terminate him but not without taking adequate precautions such as the paperwork and following the state legislature to the T. also a copy of all correspondence between them and him must be maintained so that he is not allowed to state that he was discriminated.

  1. Harassment issues:

Sometimes, the employees have sued employers when they have not been effective in stopping harassment by third [arties like customers and sellers. Needless to say that the court always sides with the employee and the onus of proof is heavily on the employer.

Log on the website to read more on overtime laws from recovermywages to know more about this.…

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Furniture: How to Save Money with Reclaimed Wood

Treasures that are hidden in neglected spots can give the correct wood at the correct cost for your upcoming venture.

Recycling or reclaiming wood gets a good deal on carpentry ventures, as well as frequently brings about discovering more lovely wood than you can buy a stand to buy these days. Hardwoods, for example, oak, walnut, and maple were regularly utilized in moderately little undertakings, and additionally in building development.


To find out recyclable woods resembles a fortune chase and is much excessively economical. Search for revamping and renovating occupations, especially in more established neighborhoods. Old outbuildings were at one time an incredible wellspring of wood for reuse.

Disposed of furniture frequently ends up as incredible findings. Tempest harmed trees, logging tops of the tree and different woods bound for the consumer heap can be recovered. Pallets are promptly accessible and numerous organizations will readily give it to you to take. These can shift from extraordinary finds to just kindling quality.

In case you’re searching for little bits of wood for creating little boxes, wood turnings, etc, search the nearby business index for millwork plants, vessel developers, cabinetmakers, and various other things. You might have the capacity to secure their pieces that are off-cut for a little charge.


Disassembling the recovered wood can be simple or troublesome relying upon the undertaking, the kind of wood utilized and the planned utilize.

Greenwood is also a hotspot for recovering wood economically. Tempest harmed trees can be a significant wood resource, as can harmed or dead trees that ought to be expelled from yards, trees evacuated for improvements, including the tops of trees remaining from logging activities.

Numerous trees that can not be used by business lumberjacks can end up in phenomenal material for the genuine carpenter.


You can mill or cut lumber in case you have the correct instruments that are found on, of which some might be in your garage. Mills are versatile, squander little wood and are generally economical, sheltered and simple to utilize.

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Warum sich niemand deine YouTube Videos anguckt

We are able to see many people posting new videos on YouTube about many things. But some gets successful and some may not. This is mainly because of the people not watching our videos. So, we should inquire why people are not watching our videos and why ours are avoided by the audience. There will be some reasons behind it for sure and let us have a look at it to know where we have made mistakes and how we can rectify it. This post will be very useful especially for unsuccessful people on YouTube. We can also post our video on YouTube by clicking

  1. Video posting includes many things in it. Just posting a video on YouTube is not at all a matter. We should focus on the name of the video, keyword and its description. Because the people will initially search with the keyword and if they do not find it, then obviously our video will not be watched by n number of people and there will be no subscribers too for our channel.
  2. Our videos will not be watched by anyone if they are not able to have a knowledge of what the video is about. When a person wants to watch a video, they will first want to know what it will be and so the YouTubers should clearly mention the name and the description about their videos.
  3. The promotion and marketing are the most important things for increasing our audience. We should work hard and use some marketing strategy to do promotion for our videos. We can see many films getting a huge box office collection but the film will be very moderate. But the producers and the distributors have done a wonderful job on promoting their films and making a hype among the people. That is more important for every YouTuber.

Thus conclude that if we follow all the above steps perfectly, we can also make everyone to watch your YouTube videos and become a successful YouTuber soon.…

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Your Rights When You Borrow Money in 2018

Borrowing money and living with debt isn’t a great life. It means dedicating a portion of your income to paying back debt and paying a high interest as well. Lenders usually don’t tell their customers anything in terms of what they are entitled to once they borrow money. Instead, defaulters are usually verbally harassed, discredited, or physically assaulted in a bid to recover money.

With financial technology taking over the lending world, customers are finding it increasingly easy to borrow money and with a lot more ease in the transactions. If you need any loans from an online lender, you can check out for further information and details.

A lot of people don’t know much about borrowers rights, but, borrowing money doesn’t leave you at a disadvantage. You need to know what they are.

Your rights when you borrow

When you agree to borrow money, you will be asked to sign a contract. Under the Consumer Credit Act, there are certain rights that the borrower has. To begin with, you need to know if the money you borrow is covered under the Consumer Credit Act. If you don’t sign a legally binding contract with your lender, then, you lose any credibility as well as rights in case there is a legal issue later on.

Here’s what you need to keep an eye on:

  • Check what information is being shared before and after the agreement is signed
  • How an agreement can be canceled
  • What happens when you pay it back early

What Protection Do You Have?

  • When you borrow from a legitimate enterprise, you have a regulated agreement that comes under the ambit of the law
  • You must get a copy of the agreement
  • If you need an extension on a secured loan (except a mortgage) you can get a court order for this

There are a number of loans that aren’t covered by the Consumer Credit Act and it is imperative that the lender give you this information as well as details about your loan. However, if the information is not forthcoming, you know that you’ve probably landed a sketchy deal. So, be wary of lenders like that and know that you can get assistance on your borrowing as long as you borrow from a legitimate source.…

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How to Talk to Children About Divorce: an Age-by-age Guide

Grown-ups view divorce for the intricate, multiple circumstances that initiate it. Youthful kids normally see it in self-centered and solid or concrete terms and aspects. Trying to understand the place kids are at, formative can enable you to assist them to change in accordance with the truth of separation.


Here are some step by step instructions to converse with children of various age groups concerning separation.


  • Infants and toddlers

Indications of misery in toddlers incorporate dread or enthusiastic unsteadiness, which might be communicated in a roundabout way through attachment, uneasiness, cries or general peevishness.


Reliable consideration and sustaining provide them a feeling of strength and consolation. So however much as could be expected, their lives should be tied down by their typical schedules.


  • Preschoolers

They require straightforward, solid clarifications. Adhere to the essentials. Be set up for doubts; give short replies, and hold up to check whether exists more. Try not to anticipate that one discussion will carry out the activity; expect a few small conversations.


  • 6 to 11-year-old children

School-matured kids may demonstrate their pain as tension, outrage, fear, or trouble, and some showcase all the more obvious indications of missing their absent guardian. Some might have dreams about compromise and ponder what can be done to get that going.


Stable consideration and schedules are as yet imperative. Children at the upper age limit of this group are more ready to discuss their emotions.


  • Teenagers

Crabbiness and outrage are normal, at the two guardians or the person who left. It tends to be difficult to check the amount of a youthful high schooler’s grouchiness is identified with the separation.


Maintaining correspondence, getting gifts over at StarWalkKids, open abatements the possibility that passionate issues sneak by. Children in this age gathering can be tougher to understand, and at times they go about as though they would prefer not to be coming to. Yet, most of them desire and ache for association with guardians.…

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Are You Really Ready for Divorce? The 10 Questions You Need to Ask

Divorce is something that many of us hear and see around us often now. It’s basically the legal or mutual process of a married couple to get separated from each other and dissolve their marriage. This process completely finishes the relation between husband and wife and they are free to live their individual lives the way they want to. They have no restrictions or formalities to carry each other’s name with theirs for the rest of the life after this.

However, is it always important? Is it always required that a couple going through one or the other problem in their married life must approach for divorce? Can things be sorted mutually? Is there any scope of improvement so that things can get back to what they were initially? If you too think of such questions and have your marriage in trouble, then there are points that you must ask yourself before finalizing on anything.

Points to analyze before finalizing on divorce

Find below some important questions that will help you understand whether you are ready for divorce or not.

  • The first thing that you must try to understand is the main reason behind all the fights and arguments. Try to figure out if they can be sorted through discussions.

  • Try to see if you’re your spouse has made attempts to cool down things in the past and if it’s just you who is blowing everything out of proportion.

  • Has the whole procedure of fighting and then resolving things back to back frustrated you way too much?

  • Do you still love the person or have any feelings for him or her? Do you feel the same for them as you felt when you got married?

  • Can you imagine your life and existence without this person in the future?

  • Whenever together, are there no mutual topics other than arguments and disagreements?

  • Are you or your life partner involved in an extramarital affair?

  • Do you regularly think about divorce or it’s just occasional?

  • What do your children and family members have to say about this final step?

Go through such questions and give genuine answers for them in your heart to realise whether divorce is actually something you want or not.…

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The Best Tips to Help Your Criminal Lawyer Win Your Case

Legal battles are often a very long process, the foremost thing if one is entangled in a crime, their pursuit to come clear from the case is important, choosing a good defense lawyers glasgow to offer their best services for defending criminal cases. Winning or losing the cases depends on the strength of the case, the witnesses and the how clearly all the incident is stated to your lawyer right from the beginning of the first contact till the jury gives the verdict in your favor, the lawyers and the police and the witnesses play a crucial role.

  • you should choose a criminal lawyer to defend, there could be public prosecutors who can very well do their job, there could be no need to hire the top lawyers if the case is simple and hire expensive lawyers
  • saying anything incorrect about the law and enforcement can mean your case could go away from your side, it is better to give all the details to your lawyer before admitting the crime due to pressure or fear
  • never hide the facts with your lawyer and being guilty and as with all the evidence it is best to leave it to the lawyers to defend the case and give proper advice
  • if there are any previous convictions that could affect the present case, the same should be mentioned to the lawyer, as keeping the lawyers blindfolded of these facts will be a huge mistake and cost you to be convicted
  • knowing the reasons for defending your case, the prosecutors may drop the charges and avoid the trial altogether, and settle it out of court, your lawyer can advice you the best to avoid the trial and settle the matter without having to fight it out, or f you have a strong witness you can probably attack and the prosecutors trial.

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Top 10 Legit Reasons Why Weed Should Be Legalized Right Now

Weed is illegal in a lot of places in the US, especially on the national level and it is a very sad and dismal set of affairs. This is because weed isn’t actually that bad for you, especially compared to alcohol which is perfectly legal to buy and consume if you are over the age of 21. Weed is actually good for you in many cases and has many possible medicinal uses. Millions of people use CBD oil or other forms of cannabis products to prevent things like back pain.

The thing is that there is no evidence weed is any worse than you compared to alcohol or tobacco so there’s no reason why it’s banned. Millions of people are in prison with their lives ruined for marijuana offenses even though they weren’t hurting anyone. Tens of thousands are killed in drug-related gang wars in both the United States of America and down south in countries like Mexico. If marijuana is fully legalized and regulated by the federal government a lot of this violence, which by the way costs both the state and economy billions of dollars will stop for good. Over at payspi, we are dedicated to legalizing weed all over America, because we think it is a very important thing to do. It has been a great injustice that the big tobacco lobby has kept marijuana criminalized for the past 100 years.

Recent developments in legalization for medicinal purposes or even full legalization or decriminalization in states like California and Colorado is very promising because it could lead to a domino effect across the nation as the general public comes to accept weed as relatively safe and it is also a good source of tax revenue since the state cannot tax the drug black market.…

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Why Do We Pay Taxes if There Is No Law – True or False?

We spend so much of our time planning on investments and other ways to save our taxes. But did you ever realize that there are no strict laws governing the payment of income tax, at least not in all countries? The law might not have much to say about tax payments. But still paying our taxes is very important. Here are some of the most important reasons why we pay taxes even if there are no laws that make it mandatory –

  1. There is so much for the government to run- like schools, colleges, hospitals and the infrastructure on the whole. All of these attract expenses. So who pays them if we do not pay our taxes?
  2. Everyone loves to be part of a civilized urbanized Creating such a region would not be possible without funds which the government gathers in the form of taxes. If every citizen takes a stand and stops paying taxes then the government would not be able to execute any of its plans.
  3. Besides building new structures maintaining them, even the basic ones like roads, come with costs – expenses on material and the labor. When every citizen pays his or her taxes on time then the government would not have to worry about a shortage of funds. In the long run, this would prevent the nation from getting into huge debts with commercial banks or loan sharks.
  4. When the country has the funds to manage all the systems then it would also have a significant improvement in the overall economy. When the economy gets better the people would also benefit in many ways. This can also make it easy to reduce the price of the essentials and bring down the cost of living. And this again would benefit the residents.

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