10 Things to Know if You’re Falsely Accused of a Crime

No one ever wants to break the law! Well, at least not normal people who do not want to get to the wrong side of the law.

  1. 1. It can be impossible to fathom an arrest for a serious crime:

Most of the times when we are thinking of turning a blind eye to the law it is only when we are blaring our stereos beyond the allowed decibels or speeding on our cars beyond the legal limit; Also not recycling your wares.

  1. 2. While thinking of miring yourself or a close family member into the police custody with charges of a serious felony can be intimidating, it is important that you may want to have an arrest response game plan in mind just in case.

  1. 3. You may want to know why this game-plan is crucial at all? There is a big chance that when you are caught unaware you also panic and give away a lot of information that you may think is harmless but unwittingly so.

  1. The Police, however, are trained extensively in interrogation skills and may make note of everything that comes out of your mouth to use as an alibi for fixing you up for it.

  1. 5. Being calm in such a situation can make a big difference between a great outcome and alternatively to a life of unending expenses, grief and the loss of freedom!

  1. 6. You can get on to the official website, a trusted criminal law firm in Lansing that will give you an outline of what you must do if you are caught up in a situation like this!

  1. 7. Calling 911 can be a good idea. When you are the first to call the emergency, you give the presumption to the police that you honestly believe in your innocence and that you think that you are wrongly charged. You can dial them first before asking the police on the impending arrest also.

  1. 8. The Constitutional right to be silent is given to you by virtue of being a citizen of the country. The police cannot force you to answer them unless your requested attorney is by your side. It is best to evade questions and maintain that you will talk once our attorney is there. There is no point giving in to their pressures. Be firm.

  1. Ask for your attorney to be present. If you do not have an attorney, you can ask the State to provide you with one. Being represented by an attorney is your constitutional right and remembers to claim it.

  1. No search without warrants is a written rule. There is no rule on the face of this earth that can allow the police to search your home without any warrant specifically pointing to the crime that they are framing you with. So, be nonchalantly firm in not allowing them even inside even one step if they are not wielding a search warrant for you.

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