Is It Illegal to Buy or Sell Coupons in 2019 ?

You might have never heard about the ways people misuse the coupon.  Coupons help people to buy products at a discounted price and it’s offered by different businesses to promote the business.  Take a look at Couponobox to know about different types of coupons and deals available. However one should take care that they are not breaking the law by purchasing or selling coupon. Listed below are a few things you need to keep in mind while dealing with coupons.

Buying an item using a coupon that is not listed- For instance, if the coupon is for a 4 oz toothpaste, you cannot buy toothpaste with size 5 oz with that coupon. You need to buy the exact item or else it is considered similar to shoplifting.

Sell the coupons- You could buy the coupon from a legitimate coupon selling service which charges a nominal amount for the coupon but you cannot sell that coupon to another person after you buy them.  You are violating the non-transferability clause that is printed on all coupons.

Copy the coupons- It is not legal to make the duplicate copies of the coupons. As per law, it is considered as counterfeiting. You can get prosecuted.

Sell the stocks bought from coupons- The terms mentioned under the coupons prohibits you to resell the items bought using coupons. There are people who even set up the flea markets in order to sell the items bought using coupons at their house. It is illegal to do so. The purpose of giving out coupons is to help an individual save money and not to help you sell the items at profit.

Hence whenever you dealing with coupons, you need to ensure that you are not breaking any law. You should go through all the terms mentioned in the coupon clearly.…

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