Secrets to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

There is no need to spend a huge amount to get that rich look in your home.  Use the below tips to make your home look more expensive:

Minimal things:  Fashion designers opine that minimalism gives a royal look to your home.  Do not stuff the home with too much of decors.  Keep only minimum things and furniture.

Black and white photos:  One large-scale painting can give that royal look.  If you cannot afford them choose to keep the photos in black and white which imparts a rich look.

Keep those expensive things prominently:  Visitors form impressions based on how a home is maintained and the condition and quality of items used by those living in the home.  You can get genuine luxury brands at discount from online sites.  For details read more at luxtime.  Buy bags from luxtime – the luxury brands and keep them at places where people can see.

Large lamps:  Make the lamps large.  You can go in for chandeliers too.

Patterns:  Ensure that the curtains are dropped from roof height.  Curtains can be customized in many ways to give rich look. Instead of using plain curtains, create patterns like weaves in them.  Also, use artistic metal chains instead of ropes to tie curtains.  You can use artistic metal hooks to hang the drapes.  The way of hanging the curtain can add to the richness.  Use vibrantly designed drapes /floral patterns than plain ones.

Flooring:  If your flooring looks old, repaint it.  Patterns with matt finish on flooring add to the royal look.

Flowers:  Place large blooms of fresh flowers for getting that rich look.

Windows:  The best way to make a room look rich is to make the window large and beautiful.  The room will reflect more light and beauty.

Molding:  Molding design patterns on ceiling/walls and window arches can give expensive look.

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