Is It Illegal To Buy Counterfeit? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Counterfeit items can be seen in many stores and many a time you happen to purchase them either without knowing that they are fake or just to get a designer tag for something cheap. The counterfeit industry is a huge one and with globalization, it is becoming more and more common.

The dangers of counterfeit products are many. This not just impacts the profits of the company. The defective and counterfeit products like electronics etc. can put the user’s lives to risk. There have been many cases when one has purchased a drug from a reputed store only to find out that it was fake after their health was at risk.

Counterfeit good is low-quality goods which are sold under the company brand name. This uses the trademark logo of the company. There is counterfeit good in almost all the industries but it is not illegal to buy one.

Buying counterfeit goods

It is not illegal to buy counterfeit goods. This does not include production and selling of such goods. Though it may not be illegal to buy it for personal use those who manufacture it are legally charged.

The counterfeit products harm the reputation of the company. It also introduces dangerous goods in the market. The counterfeit products weaken the heath and do not follow any safety regulations. It does not pay the adequate taxes as per law. The counterfeit products and the revenue from this market have been known to be associated with crime.

However, if you buy the counterfeit goods for your personal use then it may not be termed illegal. But you need to take care because the counterfeit products could put you in danger. You can learn more at luxtime about buying counterfeit goods. For personal use, it is best to stick to designer items only.

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