The Legal Consequences of Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Statistics are grim:

There are so many cases of alcohol and drug abuse that the authorities are definitely a worried lot. The number of people who are driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated is increasing so much that there is a concerted effort to study the deterrent punishment that needs to be brought about in order to curb this menace.

For a brief period it seemed that the drunken driving cases were on the decline:

It was not due to any decrease in the abuse rather the increase in the standard of car safety made it seem like fewer fatalities were happening over a period of time.

Studies have shown that fatal accidents, which is the worst kind of effect of drunk driving or drug abuse may be on the decline but there is a considerable risk about youngsters falling a prey to such recreational drinking or substance use and then losing control over the amount of intake.

Here is a list of the legal consequences of having been found in an inebriated state or state of drug abuse:

  1. Losing freedom:

The person caught under such conditions can be jailed for a period of 48 hours or more.  Jail time for such an offense varies from state to state since it is a subject of State jurisdiction.

  1. Impounding of Car and license:

If the authorities have caught the driver in a second or third offense of the same nature, his car and license can be immediately impounded. He may have to engage an attorney to be able to help him with the formalities from there;

  1. Loss of job and the attached stigma:

People caught under drunk and substance abuse driving is known to consequently lose their job because organizations like to associate themselves with responsible employees. The financial implication of losing the job itself can lead to other social problems like homelessness and ostracisation from the society affecting their mental health in most cases.

  1. State-imposed rehabilitation:

The Court may impose compulsory rehabilitation as a corrective measure. The treatment may be costly but since it is a punitive measure the person has no other choice than to attend it.

There are also other legal consequences and for a detailed understanding of them all please visit

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