Welcome to Virtual-Notary - a free and secure electronic attestation service.

How does it work?

You select a factoid that you would like us to certify. We check that factoid, create a record of it that you can refer to later, and issue you a cryptographically-signed certificate that attests to that factoid. We can optionally record the certificate on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Use Cases

This blog post describes some of the use cases for Virtual Notary.

What would you like notarized?

  • Document


    Notarize a document
  • Web Page

    Web Page

    Notarize the HTML content of a web page
  • Twitter Feed

    Twitter Feed

    Notarize a twitter post anybody made
  • Stock Prices

    Stock Prices

    Notarize stock price information for public companies
  • Weather Conditions

    Weather Conditions

    Notarize current weather conditions
  • Exchange Rates

    Exchange Rates

    Notarize exchange rates for currencies worldwide
  • DNS Entry

    DNS Entry

    Notarize DNS information for a website
  • Email Address Verification

    Email Address Verification

    Notarize the ownership of an email address
  • Statement


    Notarize a free-form statement
  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Notarize the current real estate value of a specified property
  • Public Key Certification

    Public Key Certification

    Notarize the ownership of a public key
  • Random Drawing

    Random Drawing

    Pick a random number
  • Bitcoin Proof of Funds

    Bitcoin Proof of Funds

    Notarize the total number of bitcoins owned by a user
  • Bitcoin Address Ownership

    Bitcoin Address Ownership

    Prove that a Bitcoin address belongs to a user at a given email address