Verify Certificates Offline

A python script is provided to extract factoids from downloaded factoid certificates. The script has dependencies that are mentioned in the file itself. Please read the file for directions.
Factoid extraction script

Hash Transitions

We have made our entire hash chain available for viewing. Due to the large number of entries, please browse the chain by using the page numbers in the URL.
View our hash transitions
There is 1 page of transitions
View our hash transitions for our free factoids
There are 1643 pages of transitions for free factoids

Signing Keys

Download our list of valid signing keys used by Virtual-Notary. Currently, we have not had to revoke any signing keys. If we do so in the future, those revoked keys will be listed here.
These are the public signing keys
You can use this script to extract your signing key from a downloaded factoid certificate. If the certificate matches one of the ones in the link above, you know the certificate was signed by our notary. If not, then the certificate is not valid. Please read the file for directions.